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Sidrabene has been a vital part of the Latvian Canadian community for more than five decades. Owned and operated by St. Andrew's Latvian Ev. Lutheran Church of Toronto, the property has served as a spiritual and recreational retreat for thousands of congregation members and children from all over North America, and indeed, the world. Please take a look around to find out more about our vibrant Christian community.

2015.g. Galvenie Pasākumi/ Main Events

Dievkalpojumi abās valodās Sidrabenē

7. februārī: "Sniega diena"
6. martā: "Gatavojamies Lieldienām"
3. aprīlī: "Augšāmcelšanās prieks"
1. maijā: "Radības brīnums"
5. jūnijā: "Ievads vasarā"

Services @ Sidrabene (bilingual)

Feb. 7th: "Snow Day"
March 6: "Preparing for Easter"
April 3rd: "Rejoice, He has risen"
May 1st: "The wonders of nature"
June 5th: "Summer intro"

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